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Nice demo! I look forward to the next update. 

The game is awesome! The animation and the story is great too. I love that Agatha Christie atmosphere.

Unfortunately it works slow on my computer and it's probably my computers foult. I don't know much computers but it probably dosnt fit the game requirements.

But anyway I still enjoyed the game much and I'm looking forward to see the rest of it :)

Really great. I hope for an update, I would love to see the following.

Thanks for this game ^^

Honestly I'm a little peeved that you killed off the one guy I was most interested in, which will likely mean hooking up with them in flashbacks which is potentially awkward.  Otherwise This game looks incredible and I'm keen to see where it leads! 

Will you fix the "..." situation? like the text speed seems to work fine until you have an "..." which slows the pace down, and there's SO MANY of them haha

Thank you for your feedback!
The ellipses are meant to create a little pause - but I'll see if I can remove some of them and/or reduce the delay.



Hello there! I’m delighted with your game! But I have some requests/questions. Can you add something like skip dialogue option. I wish to try different scenarios with different psyche, but text is super slow…(especially ellipsis….). And one more question. Do you planing to create an account on patreon? I would like to support your project. So, good luck! Look forward your realese!

Hi! Thank you very much. I appreciate the words of support.

The skip button is on the upper right of the text box. You can also hold the left control button on your keyboard. This will only skip text that has been seen in a previously saved game – you can change this to skip all text by adjusting the skip setting in the options menu (and you can adjust the text speed too).

I haven’t planned on creating a Patreon, but it is something I might consider in the future.

will there be a mac vers?

Right now, I’m not considering a Mac version since I need a Mac to compile the project. However, if there is enough demand for it, I’ll look into this more seriously in the future.

Riveting demo! Love the artwork, aesthetics, and psyche system. The voice acting is great and the plot is interesting. Can't wait to eventually play the completed title. I just wish I could download the demo through the app to play, for some reason it wouldn't let me do that.

Thanks so much for your kind feedback! I appreciate it.
I wasn’t aware of the issue with downloading through the app. It might be that I neglected to label the zip file as a Windows executable – I’ve done so now, and I believe that should solve the problem.


Any general update on this game? Loved the demo

Hi there! Yes, there's an update coming mid-October. I've polished the game a bit and refined some of the systems. However, the demo will still end at the same point in the story - I have written more scenes but I don't want to spoil anything until the game is complete.

Thanks for the update!

Great looking game! I wish I could move the window to my other screen. Looking forward to your updates!

Thanks so much! If the game is in windowed mode (check the game's display options), I think you should be able to move the game to a different screen by holding down shift and the windows key, then tapping the left or right arrow on your keyboard.

ILOVEIT! Im excited for more

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it so far.


Quite enjoyed the demo, way to go!

When will the next update be available? Hope to see this project go till the end. 

Good luck!

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Thank you!

I’m busy updating some of the systems and addressing some of the feedback I’ve received. I plan to release an updated version of the demo before mid-November. Once I’m happy with the refinements, I should have a better idea of the development roadmap ahead.

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I have a quick question about the NSFW content- will we be able to catch other characters "in the act"? (two npcs)

Do you mean NPC x NPC rather than Player x NPC? It’s an interesting idea. It’s not part of the main story I have planned, but I’ll give it some thought.


Yep! NPC x NPC. I like playing matchmaker, and it would be interesting to see two characters hook up.


What a superlative start! Really well done. Love the mystery aspect to it.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it so far.

the story is great so far, i wish we could get more action in the demo.. the character design is good, but could use a little enhancement here and there.. 

but ill definitely look forward for future updates.. gl to you sir! keep us updated ;) 

Thanks so much! I will keep you posted 🙂


Aw man, of course the ONE character I immediately am attracted to is the one that gets got. I'm not gonna do away with the game just for that, but it does suck, lol. I look forward to more content- are you thinking of going more of a romance route or more of a murder mystery route? I think this game could do great things either way. 

The plot will focus on the murder mystery, but you will be able to romance characters and unlock steamy content. You might see more of your favorite character when the MC recalls events from the first night at the spa 😉

it’s so good! Can’t wait for the next update.

Thanks so much! I'm sorting out a few things and will post an update once the production schedule has been finalized


Will this be adapted to a mac version in the future?

Yes, if there's enough interest. There's no reason why it can't be packaged for Mac, however, I have to organize another (Mac) workstation first.


Just played through the demo. Really wish I was financially able to support you at this time. I was impressed with the character models and the animated sections are just a nice little cherry on top of some good art and story telling. 


Thank you for your kind comments. Your feedback means a lot to me.

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The demo is really great I love the art style, the character models and animations are nice and effective and the ambiance of the game is really impressive. The character writing is also good within each character. The cutscenes are really good and quite artistic too, I also enjoyed the mini-game on the spicy scene the interactive part of that scene was really nice and quite a cool gimmick, and would like more mini-games to be implemented. Overall the game is great and shows a lot of potentials!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback.


the game looks neat so far, i love the visuals! i just wish the game let you skip the text being "spoken" and immediately fill the text box. lots of ellipses haha!

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. It is possible to increase the text speed in the options menu, or to click and hold to force the text to reveal more quickly.

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Great visuals and story! The character models look great and I enjoyed the murder mystery vibes. Looking forward to playing the full thing!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo.

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I think this is really good, and has the potential to be something amazing. Seriously, I haven't seen a gay-themed gamed with this much potential in a long time. So much so that I've never left a comment on one before this! The characters look great and there's a good variety - all of them are attractive, and their talking animations are solid. The story is gripping enough and it's spooky without being too scary and off-putting. At a certain point, spooky/sexy story games get incredibly unsexy if things get too gristly; this game seems to strike a good balance so far. The writing is good and there aren't any grammatical issues or poor English, which is good - though there are a few too many ellipses, imo. The menus are really cool too! Love the glass/rainbow-like effects... I'm assuming that ties into the story somehow later on. 

I only have two main issues: 1 - the masturbation scene: It doesn't really look natural, almost like your character is just pulling his junk up and down rather than actually gripping & thrusting. I'd prefer a pre-rendered video over this, to be honest, perhaps not of masturbation but a sexy hallucination of some kind, given the theme? 2 - I'd recommend that the voice-to-text is turned off by default because it cheapens what looks to be a very polished and rather expensive demo (unless you add voice acting later). The same can be said about the video at the end. 

Anyway, I'm certain this could get a good following and can lead to something really great with time. Great demo, I'm really impressed!


Thank you for your kind feedback and encouragement. I appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration. Based on the feedback I’ve received so far, I might consider replacing erotic mini-games with prerendered animations going forward. With regards to the text-to-speech: the idea is to add voice acting at a later stage (although this would still be limited to short phrases/emotes).

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Such a great demo! I would love the play the full when it's finished and would be happy to support development.

For one person, the story, graphics (+charaters), and overall set up is really cool. I also like that trailer at the end~ Not really into murder-mystery genre but this might be my favorite game for that. 

Even if it wasn't that much of a focus, I like the interaction during investigation mode which is cool. I do think the scale system is a little weird to remember so maybe it would be intresting to put a clickable menu to get more details on how you lean to each trait and their descriptions. It could even include a personality menu/meter or something depending on how you plan the structure.

As someone who completed the full thing, 10/10 to be honest!


Thank you for your kind comments. I like your suggestion to add more info on the personality/trait system to the menu.


I like the art style


I'm glad to hear that 🙂


So I rarely make comments but honestly after playing this game I'm excited to see more of the story unfold! This was an incredible demo and I really loved the gameplay aspects tied into the visual novel style. The characters also feel pretty fleshed out and I can't wait to see more of what's to come with the story and relationships!

I definitely though would be happy to see more from this project and would love to support it! We need more games like this! I particularly love the 18+ horror/romance vibes. It gives such a unique experience!

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Thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoyed it so far. Your feedback means a lot to me.


Alright, this game is incredible! Loved every second of it. The models are amazing, and I like how the writing and decisions are handled. The jerking off minigame shows you can animate the genitals well (and I personally really enjoyed it).

My main nitpick (and it's just a nitpick) is that the characters' arms kind of hang on the sides and it doesn't feel completely normal. They're kind of limp, if that makes any sense?

In terms of content, i would really like to see an option to top or bottom for the characters if that kind of content will be included. Another thing I would also like to see more opportunities to increase trait powers, since I almost always had them pretty low.

Other than that, keep going at it! You've done an incredible job so far. I look forward to the full thing. Though I'm sad at C's death, I wanted to be his good boy 😭 (like he says during the massage) 


Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback. Right now, I’m using a pool of generic animations for the characters. I would love to allocate time towards creating bespoke gestures and idles that fit each character’s personality – I might consider this, depending on the amount of interest in the project.

Oh, the gestures are more than fine in my opinion! It was just the standing pose. Thank you for this game, and I hope everhthing goes well!

gestures are perfect and the idle animation is fine in my opinion, more work than it's worth when it looks completely fine right now

That's why I said it was a nitpick. Doesn't need priority and is fine being left in if they feel like it's fine

This is like a gay danganronpa I'm living. I looove the animation style - looks like an exciting project and I look forward to your updates :D

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far.

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Great demo more than I was expecting. I look forward to more updates. I do have some questions on the trait system mainly with the emblems in which the highlighted was a bit confusing. Were the choices that were highlighted to make sure people knew make that choices weren't made and the category so they can stick to a set pathway?  Like I got knight and choice more blue choices to match but the emblem disappeared we as the others remained present.

Thank you for the feedback! The tutorial was meant to explain the trait system, but perhaps it was unclear. Each time you make a dialogue choice that corresponds with a specific trait, that emblem will lose its power and the points will be spent on increasing or decreasing the relationships of the characters that are present during that conversation (depending on their preferences). The trait emblems charge up again during thought choices

Ok thank you that makes much more sense now when you would pick that option the emblem would retreat.

Looks very nice! The trait system is a bit unclear though.

Thanks for your feedback. See my comment above – perhaps it will help clear up the trait system. I’ll keep in mind that it might require more explanation (or a guide)

how long has this game been in development? will it be released by chapters through Patreon or only as a full game for a price when it's completed?

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The demo has been in production for about 18 months, however, much of that time was spent on becoming familiar with Unreal Engine and setting up the systems that are now in place. At this stage, I should be able to add more content at an increased rate. I would prefer to release it once completed – so that the player can experience the story all at once.

3d charater models in VNs are almost always ugly and out of place. 

but it really works here! i love the look of this game! its really cool to see someone make it work

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback.

Enjoyed the artstyle, it's fairly unique. Nice character designs. The story seems OK.

All characters are shown to have equal CGs? Which seems weird given what happens.

The animation . . . I'd rather not have any animation than have that tbh. It's so weird it ends up funny instead of erotic.

Have to ask how much NSFW content there will be? Good looking characters in a horror game have given me blue balls far too many times:(

Thanks for your feedback. The animation style of the scene you’re referring to may be too cartoony for everyone’s taste. It is something I will keep in mind. The goal is to add NSFW content for each character.

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I loved the demo, all the character are super hot too. The jerk off minigame was a bit too cartoony with the dick compressing and expanding that much. I also didn't understand why the animation would sometimes stop. In the end I only made very minimal movement to complete it.

Thank you for your feedback! The animation stops when your cursor leaves the interaction zone, however, I have increased the size of this area in the latest update. 
I will keep your comments in mind when creating future scenes.

I think I'm missing something in the investigation in the spa... :( do I need to move the body somehow?

In the full game, you’ll have the chance to return to the sauna again and snoop around more...

I can't get past that scene though.... or is that the end of the demo?

The scene will end once you’ve investigated all the areas of interest, or if you click on the exit button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

love the game and can't wait to play more, great animations and the story really gripped me. what did you use for the models?

Thank you! I used Maya for modelling, and Substance Painter for surfacing.

i will check it ❤️

Loved it. Can't wait for more. Do you have a patreon or something or is itch your only platform for support?


I’m happy to hear that! I don’t have a patreon, but it is something I’m considering – I’ll post an update about it if I decide to take that route.

Cool. If you're not already a member,  you can maybe consider joining the homotextual gaming guild discord server.  It's got creators and fans of similar games as yours.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

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It's a neat beginning.  Just one question: Is it the same victim every time or does it change based on your choices?  The same question for the culprit too, for that matter. :)

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The victim is the same, and there is one true culprit – although you can accuse anyone.
I really like the idea of the culprit and killer adapting to your choices. It would, however, expand the scope of the project significantly - something I must be wary of as a solo dev 😬

True, it would.  Maybe something to consider after the project is complete.  Like, once a year or something, slip in a little (read:huge) patch that introduces a new victim and a new culprit.  Or really throw people off and have the victim be someone that wasn't even supposed to be there (Russell is dead in the sauna?!  But... but.. but.. HOW?) >:D Magic.  LOL

So I loved the demo...even if it ends with a cliff-hanger. I'm looking forward to more, hopefully more will follow soon. I suppose the only criticism I would have is for the mini-game. The controls were a little buggy, so I wasn't sure if it timed out and the door closed or if that was just what was supposed to happen and Lucas couldn't finish. Anyway, other than that, I really liked it. 

Thanks so much for your feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
The scene in the massage parlor concluded as it was meant to. Could you describe the bugs you experienced with the controls? I think I need to decrease the difficulty of the mini-game to allow for lag on some systems

Well one aspect of the controls was it wasn't entirely clear what the 'area' to move the cursor up and down was. This created a situation where Lucas seemed to get a good rhythm going and then...poof...start again. 

It's possible it was just on my end, but it seemed the 'exact' area of activation for most things was also a bit off, as in I would have to hunt around for where the cursor needed to be in order to activate something. This may have also contributed to the problem I had with the minigame controls. 

Additionally, and circling-back-around to the minigame proper, it wasn't quite clear if long strokes or short quick action was better. I do understand you wouldn't want to disrupt the visual, it was a good visual, but it also was a bit...frustrating to get things going only to have to be yanked right back out of it. 

It also wasn't quite clear if the color change of certain things was leading to a build up toward a grand finale as it also seemed Lucas' breathing seemed to quicken, but maybe that was just me. So ultimately, things weren't 100% clear for me, but that could just be me. 

I tried to be a little detailed on this because I have a feeling you'd like to use a similar mechanic later for other situations. I do get what you're trying to do with the minigame, but by the same token, if the minigame is supposed to be spicy, more so later especially, then yeah maybe lowering the difficulty might be a good call...otherwise I think the situation actually ends up backfiring. Not sure if this helped at all though. 

Thank you for your detailed reply. It was very helpful. I have decreased the difficulty in the latest update and have broadened the area of interaction.

Some users have experienced a cursor bug where the cursor would display in the wrong area. I’m still looking into what could be causing this. However, toggling the display between windowed and full screen (or vice versa) in the game’s display option menu appears to reset the cursor and fix the issue.

The audio and visual cues you mentioned were intentional. However, I will consider adding a UI to future scenes - it could help provide clearer feedback on the player’s actions.

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